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Football stadium condemned at Queen’s

May 3, 2013

Ticket agents in the athletics department at Queen’s University are scrambling today to deal with the fallout of an engineer’s report that has condemned half of Richardson Stadium.

Both upper tiers at the 43-year-old facility have been declared unsafe. It’s unclear whether the university has plans to make them spectator worthy in time for the opening of the football season on Labour Day, though fans with season tickets are being called to have their seats relocated in the lower tier.

The athletics department has also taken down its online mechanism for ordering tickets.

An athletics department spokesman referred questions to Yvonne Cooper, associate director, issues and strategy, in the university’s communications department. As of late Friday afternoon, she did not respond to requests for an interview.

Football coach Pat Sheahan similarly was unavailable for comment.

The stadium seats about 10,500 and the football team typically draws in excess of 8,000 fans for both its Frosh Week game and Homecoming, the official versions of which were recently returned to their traditional autumn dates.

The stadium is also home to the university’s men’s and women’s soccer teams. It’s also scheduled to host an international rugby game June 8, Canada vs. Tonga, as part of the Pacific Nations Cup.

  1. Peter M permalink

    I’d be more concerned about the upcoming rugby fixture. Stands will be packed (or at least they should be).

  2. Josh permalink

    Hopefully the city and Queen’s work together and fix this embarrassment before June 8th. No matter what they do with the seating short term we NEED a brand new football stadium sooner rather than later!

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