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Three records for La Salle’s Heather Jaros

May 25, 2013
Heather Jaros broke three records on the track at the Eastern Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association track and field championships Friday in Brockville. — photo

Heather Jaros broke three records on the track at the Eastern Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association track and field championships Friday in Brockville. — photo


BROCKVILLE — It wasn’t quite a throwaway event, and running three kilometres would never be anybody’s idea of a lark.

Let’s just say competing over 3,000 metres wasn’t a priority for Heather Jaros.

“It was really just a way to add a little bit of exercise, so she had a good workout out of it,” said Steve Boyd, Jaros’ coach with the Physi-Kult running group.

“The long term plan with Heather has always been to run 800, 1,500 (metres) in Grade 9 and 10 and move up to 3,000 next year. These threes are really just for her to get a feel for the distance.”

Apparently, it feels pretty good.

Jaros, the La Salle Secondary School junior, not only won the race at the Eastern Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association championships Friday, she did so in stunning fashion. She broke the modern record of Regi’s Clara Langley by 20 seconds, winning in 10 minutes, 6.92 seconds.

“She surprised even herself,” Boyd said, “and she definitely surprised me.

“I’ve seen a lot of track races and if I hadn’t had a watch on her, I would have said it was 11 minutes. It was 10:06. It was just so easy. She’s as strong as a horse. It’s effortless, everything she does.”

From early in the race, it was clear Jaros faced little serious challenge and she adjusted her pace accordingly.

“At first, I really wasn’t going to go for it,” she said, “and then I heard I was running on record pace, so I thought I might as well go for it, and picked it up a bit.”

No fooling. Jaros finished 54 seconds ahead of her closest opponent.

The ease with which Jaros has been winning her races this spring is starting to become a bit of an issue. She came home 21 seconds ahead of the next-best runner in the 800 metres. Though she wavered at the end, her nearest rival was about 150 metres up the track when Jaros crossed the finish line.

“My first 200 was a little fast, around 30 seconds, and that made me tired for the end,” Jaros explained.

“She hasn’t really found the pace for that yet, she’s been running solo all the time,” Boyd said. “She still really hung on. The only time I’ve seen her tired the whole weekend was the last 100 metres, (when) she wobbled a little bit. That was just the first 200. She went out a little hard, considering the wind today.”

Jaros’ other victory — and third record — of the meet came in the 1,500 metres, where her time, 4 minutes 38.05 seconds, was a 10-second personal best.

Boyd harkened to cross-country season last fall, when Jaros was 12th at the national junior championship.

“You can’t do that without being at a certain level, especially for Grade 10,” he said. “It’s unheard of.

“We’re just waiting to see that talent show up on the track.”

Boyd said Jaros’ training was complicated when her doctor changed her asthma medication, but that has now been remedied and big things lay ahead.

“I really think she’s going to make the world youth team this year, as a first year youth,” he said. “Next year she’ll be a terror in the (3,000 metres). She’ll win everything next year. It’s exciting.”

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