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  1. John Pickernell permalink

    There was one happy ending for area football teams this year. The Sydenham Golden Eagles Jr. Football team finished out a perfect 10-0 season with a 31-0 win against Haliburton in the 2013 AA Jr. National Capital Bowl.

  2. Nancy Lorimer permalink

    Hi Claude, I justed wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your writing! So great that someone is following the local teams and individuals and doing such a great job with so much detail. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Hi Claude I was hoping you may have had a look at Sportsnet’s 50 best CIS players list. The first 40 were not a problem…I still would have liked to see more Gaels among them but I am a homer of course but when the top 10 came out on Thursday with no Danny B?????? And then they give him an “honourable mention”? So outraged!!!! Comments?

    • Hello, Nancy. I was a little disappointed that they used the Vanier Cup as the focus, but made it the top players of the ‘Vanier Cup era.’ A much more interesting exercise would have been the top 50 plays of the Vanier Cup, the top 50 players in Vanier Cup games or something more specifically tied to the game itself. That way, they’d have had a chance for more color, more interesting stories and people (lesser lights who had their shining moment in the big game, for instance). When I saw Andre Durie among the top 10, I flinched. He’s done exceptionally well for himself as a pro after a horrible leg injury (suffered at Queen’s, by the way) but his intercollegiate career was very short. Larry Smith, for instance, had a splendid career at Bishop’s in the late 60s and would have been on my list. Danny Brannagan should have been there by anyone’s definition, though. I doubt anyone ever had as good a playoff run as Queen’s did in 2009, with three straight come-from-behind wins, and don’t forget he overcame the largest halftime deficit in the history of the Vanier Cup game. The interesting thing, though, is that for many years Queen’s teams took a certain amount of pride that they was shunned for individual awards and all-star selections, and proud that their success was achieved collectively. Having done this kind of story, people will often offer differing opinions; that’s the nice aspect of it. It does generate discussion. So in that respect the exercise was useful. Frankly, though, when I saw that it was the Top 50 ‘of the Vanier Cup era,’ as opposed to the Vanier Cup itself, I lost interest. You can go through the record book and come up with that list. After the first 10, I didn’t bother to look anymore. But that’s just me. Thanks for your input, and your support!

  4. Thanks Claude, I knew you’d have some interesting thoughts on it…and I appreciate that you understand my indignation ; )

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